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- How it all started -

My career as an artist did not begin with a degree in art history or fine arts. On the contrary: according to my studies I am a legal expert, by heart I am an artist.  After graduating from high school in 2018, I studied a specific area of law and finished my studies in 2021. I started working at the court and threw myself into the world of case law and files. I am grateful for this experience but I'd like to focus on art and personal growth  for now.

What did I miss while working at court? I missed being guided by my creativity and intuition. I also missed to create added value for others who want to be that reminded that everything is possible.

In genral I just missed spending my time painting. Painting has not only a calming affect to the artist but also to others when they have a look at the painting.

I know what it's like to spend the time with work that is considered exemplary and I know the difference to work done from the heart and full of enthusiasm.

I would like to remind people  to not only watch the world go by, but to step out of their comfort zone and follow their own passion.

I like my canvas to be bright and colorful to bring happiness and motivation to other living rooms. With my paintings I want to find the balance between multicolor and elegance. I don't stick to certain rules of painting and I don't set any limits to my creativity. I make mistakes and learn from them. By combining the topics of personal development and art in general, I create unique pieces. 

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