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- Your unique work of art -

In order to get the best result for your individual and unique painting we will talk about your ideas and the location you want the painting for. Your opinion counts a lot to make sure you will be happy with the result.
I would love to create a painting that reminds you of your individual goals every day.


First meeting

We talk about your expectations, the dimensions, the colors and compositions you like the most. Is there a background story that you would like to be reminded of when you look at this painting?

Our first meeting can be in person while we drink coffee, via zoom or on the phone just as you like.


Summary and your final go

In the next step you'll get a summary of all the details and the price. You have your time to think about it and as soon as you say you're in and I've got a deposit from you, I will start painting for you.



Now it's time to get the painting done. If you'd like to I can document my painting process for you by video.



When the painting process is done, I will take the painting to the delivery store. You can decide whether you want the painting framed or the streched canvas itself. If you're from Berlin or near by I'd love to deliver the painting personally and free of charge.


The commissioned artwork "The art of fighting" was delivered on June 26 th, 2023 and can now be found in a Munich law firm.

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